The Royal Belgian Society for Rheumatology was founded in 1926. It aims at increasing clinical and scientific knowledge in the field of the rheumatic diseases.
The Society stimulates research and studies. It is interested in all aspects of rheumatology and particularly those pertaining to the patients. Efficient service to the patient is impossible if practice of rheumatology is inefficient or rendered impossible; therefore, professional aspects cannot be disregarded by the Society.
Recent development of expensive biological treatments for the inflammatory rheumatic diseases brings additional responsibility to the Society. Like in the neighbouring countries, such as the United Kingdom and France, the Society has a role to play, in collaboration with the Social Security and the Drug companies, in defining criteria for refunding, and in surveillance of unexpected adverse effects.
The Society collects funds for research, has a Committee for social affairs, one for Professional aspects and one for the Website.
The Society organizes a yearly national congress.

Historical aspects of the Royal Belgian Society of Rheumatology (RBSR), such as development of rheumatology and rheumatology departments in this country, and biographies of members of the RBSR are presented in this section.


Current Board members:

  • Pr Bernard Lauwerys, administrator (2014-2018), President

    Pr Dirk Elewaut, administrator (2016-2020), President-Elect

    Dr Valérie Badot, administrator (2016-2020), Vice-President

    Dr Pascale Volders, administrator (2016-2020), General Secretary

    Pr. Patrick Verschueren, administrator (2016-2020), Adjunct Secretary

    Dr Griet De Brabanter, administrator (2014-2018), Treasurer

    Dr Laurent Meric de Bellefon, administrator (2016-2020), Adjunct Treasurer

    Pr Rene Westhovens, Last Past President, Counselor.


    Dr Silvana Di Romana, administrator (2016-2020)

    Pr Patrick Durez, administrator (2016-2020)

    Dr Anne Durnez, administrator (2014-2018)

    Pr Valérie Gangji administrator (2014-2018)

    Dr Ilse Hoffman, administrator (2016-2020)

    Pr Frédéric Houssiau, administrator (2014-2018)

    Dr Peggy Jacques, administrator (2016-2020)

    Dr Xavier Janssens, administrator (2014-2018)

    Dr Rik Joos, administrator (2016-2020)

    Dr Jan Lenaerts, administrator (2016-2020)

    Pr. Rik Lories, administrator (2016-2020)

    Dr Adrien Nzeusseu Toukap, administrator (2016-2020)

    Dr Stefaan Poriau, administrator (2014-2018)


    Dr. Maria Stoenoiu, co-opted administrator (2016-2018)

    Dr. Christian von Frenckell, co-opted administrator (2016-2018)

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